Bill Gates oath to eliminate Polio all over the world by end of 2017

Polio causes around 350,000 deaths every year. This number is really very superlative. Bill Gates foundation will be initiating a movement aiming at eradicating polio cases completely from all the countries of the world by the end of this year.

Dr. Jay Wenger, leader of polio eradication at Gates Foundation says, “Current efforts are to eliminate wild polio among the community. We are gradually marching towards the success and believe to eliminate this disease from its roots by the end of this year.”

John Cena, WWE champion said few words regarding this initiative taken by Gates Foundation and Rotary International on World Polio Day. Dr. Jonas Salk was the first person to develop polio vaccine long back in 1955. In spite of the vaccine, the number increased to 350,000 cases of polio each year as half of the population still are left out of the vaccination.

If everything goes as planned than this year might be the last year of polio case, says Gates. Gates foundation invested a lot in this mission. They have spent around $3 billion with an additional contribution of $2 billion by Rotary.

Along with Gates Foundation and Rotary, other institutes have also contributed their share of 2.5 billion since the year 1980. The first movement of eradicating polio from the world was started long back in 1985 where PolioPlus in invested $120 million and decided to kick polio until end of 2005.

24th October every year is celebrated as World Polio Day. All the workers and personnel that are directly or indirectly connected with this disease celebrate the day, narrates Wenger. The day might come when the number will eventually go down to zero. Thousands of workers are making it a point that every kid all over the world receives a polio dose to have a better life ahead, he added.

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