UWA Archaeologists Spots Enigmatic Saudi Arabia ‘GATES’ Using Google Earth

Group of archaeologists from the University of Western Australia has spotted something surprising in Saudi Arabia. They have come across a manufactured structure which they named as ‘gates’. The structure is 2,000 to 9,000 years old.

Google Earth images have contributed a lot is spotting out this marvelous structure. Saudi Arabia is renowned for its desert lifestyle, hence, the country has a number of archaeological locations that need a considerable study, says, David Kennedy, one of the researchers from the University of Western Australia.

This archaeological structure got the name gates as it bears a resemblance to outmoded farm gates spreading up to 500 meters wide. It seems to be flat when observed from the aerial view taking two vertical positions at the corners connected via more than one long blocks.

“When looked from a distance it seems to be just a usual structure but when you zoom it in Google Earth maps you actually get to see how beautifully it was carved”, Kennedy adds. It doesn’t seem to a residential area where people or animals survived long back.

Kennedy carried out an in-depth study 40 years ago by snapping the photographs of the area and Harrat, the lava field nearby to the gates. But, over the time this study did not get any evidence. The study resumed when he got a helping hand from one of the Saudi Arabia’s doctors who had a keen interest in exploring archaeological fields.
They observed some of the areas that might be used for animal husbandry or burying dead bodies. They named it as kites as they had a kite like structure.

Initially, they came across 3 or 4 gates but as the investigation moved further the number starting increasing gradually and now the count comes to be 400. Kennedy’s classic research and pictures captured has made this study worth investing.

Get to know about this study in Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy Journal that highlights all the necessary research conducted.

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