Human Brain Power Not As Strong As It Was Thought Earlier

It is thought that human brainpower is exceptionally good compared to other living organisms on this planet. The brain power and the brain capacity of human are so large that we can remember and recollect every minute details and events which takes place. However, this study claims that this is not true. Also, the humans utilize a large amount of energy compared to other animals. But researchers claim that even the smallest creatures can contribute more energy compared to humans.

Other animals like dolphins, whales have large brain structure and also they are more intelligent than humans. But when it comes to humans we utilize more energy to perform similar tasks. Human brain comprises of 2% of the body weight and the human can share this ability with other animals.

It was thought that brain power of human is large but the amount of energy is not unique to other species. This study was conducted by the researchers from Duke University. During the study, the researchers analyzed the cross-sectional area of bony canals present inside the brain. This study was conducted on 22 different animal species like lemurs, monkeys, mice, and others.

It was seen that the energy consumption of human brain is much more than that of monkeys, chimpanzees, and others. Even during the resting phase, an individual consumes three times more energy than other animals. This energy is five times more than the cone consumed by mice, rabbit, and others.
Earlier the researchers used to measure the amount of energy utilized by studying the structure of neurons. But
this study has determined this factor with the help of bone. This is the effective way of determining the amount of energy utilized. This study suggests that development of the brain in human may be huge but still ancient primates shows much better progress and brain power compared to us. The study related to this can be seen in the Journal of Human Evolution.

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Human Brain Power Not As Strong As It Was Thought Earlier
Human Brain Power Not As Strong As It Was Thought Earlier
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