Astronomers noticed an old galaxy of the Universe using Large Millimetre Telescope

Finding and getting something fresh from the outer space is the real motivation of the astronomers to keep on discovering new heavenly bodies and interstellar life. Astronomers used Large Millimetre Telescope (LMT) to get the better insight of the newly discovered galaxy.

It is the second most distant congregation after Big bang that took place 13.7 billion years ago. This galaxy happened to be formed 1 billion later the big bang. LMT is placed on Sierra Negra in Mexico and is keenly observed by the scientists at the University of Massachusetts, Mexico and Amherst National Institute of Astrophysics, Electronics, and optics.

Formation of an object just 1 billion years later the big bang is really remarkable. In reality, it’s impossible due to hot nature of the celestial environment. Min Yun, an astronomer who first detected this galaxy said, “What we have estimated is that stars and galaxies were the ones that were first formed within half billion after the big bang followed by the black holes.”

The discovered object is one of the oldest galaxy discovered till date. The results what LMT has shown today are not so astonishing as the telescope was designed and meant for the same purpose. The research findings of this study are published in the Nature Astronomy Journal.

Distant galaxies are covered with dust. Hence, it’s impossible to target the visible spectrum of light. Very Large Telescope is specifically designed to fascinate and clear the radio waves that are in the path of visible light spectrum.

Researchers can make out how far the galaxy is positioned from us with the help of its redshift. Objects positioned at a larger distance have a larger redshift. Previous galaxies that were monitored long back G09 83808 were also abetted by the gravitational influences.

LMT will continue discovering more fruitful stories of this galaxy within next few months. There’s a possibility of discovering more number of galaxies within the outskirts of newly discovered one.

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Astronomers noticed an old galaxy of the Universe using Large Millimetre Telescope
Astronomers noticed an old galaxy of the Universe using Large Millimetre Telescope
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