Want to lose your weight without any rigorous hard work or diet? Here’s the good news for those who are trying hard for years and years to lose their body weight. According to new study surveyed by the researchers at the University of Michigan, consuming cinnamon can help reduce the weight and improves your metabolism rate.

Cinnamon helps in burning extra fat in the body through the process called as thermogenesis, thus making you slimmer than before. Fundamental oil present in the cinnamon, cinnamaldehyde on the other hand helps in proper metabolism.

Jun Wu, a professor at the University of Michigan says, “Cinnamon is used in the daily diet for decades and decades. Their benefits to the body are outstanding. People enjoy the relishing and mouth-watering flavors of cinnamon.” Hence, it has played a great role in metabolism and helps in controlling obesity.

As it is widely used among all the communities, convincing people to consume it is not a big deal. It’s far better than traditional drug treatments taken to treat obesity. When human cells interact with cinnamaldehyde, enzymes and some of the genes trigger functioning of lipid metabolism.

Controlling proteins such as Ucp1 and Fgf21 also seems to be functioning in the process of thermogenesis, the researchers concluded. Adipocytes are the fat cells that stored as lipids. These lipids are used when body regrets to produce enough of them or in low temperatures.

Adipocytes help in conversion of deposited energy into the form of heat energy. This mechanism was helpful for people in ancient times when there was shortage of fats in the food consumed. Obesity has been the common problem for all today that has motivated researchers and doctors to increase the mechanism of thermogenesis in their patients.

Cinnamon consumption is one of the small attempts they have made today. Hopefully, this natural way of losing fat and obesity would help individuals in a positive manner.

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