It’s been long since researchers are finding the real mystery behind an American scuba-diving fly. Finally, the team has revealed some of mysterious knowing about the insect. It swims into a salty water, and feed on other oceanic insects and algae.

Anatomy of the fly:

The scuba-diving fly is 6mm wide having thin fury hairs on the top glazed with sticky wax. This layer helps to protect them from the oceanic water. They have huge capabilities to store their food within themselves. Scientifically, these flies are known as Ephydra Hians which survives in every weather condition of Mono Lake of California. They use their foot claws to take higher jerks into the water.

Mono Lake is considered to be the wettest place among many all over the globe having the sticky and oily sensation of water. Hair lashes of most of the insects are resistant to water but this one was something very unique that scientists tried to make out their survival from last few decades.

Water molecules of Mono Lake contain a chemical agent such as sodium carbonate widely used in washing detergents. “This research provides a supporting answer for Evolution in action”, says Floris van Breugel, co-author of the study.

Flies habitat in water so as to get enough quantity of food. Small fishes do not survive in such kind of atmosphere as the water is alkaline and chemical bursting all the time. Its salt rate is three times more as compared to huge oceans like Pacific. Mark Twain was the first researcher who had a keen interest in studying and perceiving about this scuba-diving fly.

After wind up laying eggs, they settle themselves at the surface of water forming a defensive air bubble which keeps them dry all the time. Researchers are still proceeding with the study to gain better insights about this insect.

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