The birds found in New Zealand are quite violent when they come across the rivals who sing pretty songs. It’s a kind of jealousy that they encounter when they come across their rivals who sing longer and complex songs. These birds found in New Zealand, are tiny creatures which can grow up to 30 centimeters and weighs 125 grams.

These tiny black Tuis birds, with blue and green feathers, can attack their rivals if they notice them singing pretty long songs. They do so to protect their species and prevent any attack from the rivals. Sometimes they also behave more aggressively and attack their rivals.

In spite of being such tiny creatures, they can wildly attack their rival birds to defend themselves and preserve their species. The study related to this Tui bird species has been published in Ibis International Journal of Avian Science. They also get aggressive when their male counterpart sings complex and more pretty songs.

These tiny creatures are biased and they also dominate their male counterpart if they found them singing well and complex songs. Their male counterparts usually sing more complex and long songs. These male counterparts do not dominate the birds who sing simple songs but they dominate the ones who sing complex songs.

For the purpose of the study, the researchers played the varying complexity songs of the male tui birds to determine the frequency of their song. They noticed that the complex songs sung by tui male species had high complexities compared to other counterparts who sung simple songs.

I was observed that tui birds were more aggressive to the high-frequency songs compared to the simpler songs. During the study, these tui birds have kept 0.3 meters away from the speaker while complex songs were played and when the simpler songs were played they were 6.3-meter away.

They also responded to the louder songs. These birds are specifically found in the fruiting and flowering trees of New Zealand where they constantly defend their territory. Thus, these tui birds can actively recognize the complex and simpler songs and then aggressively dominate the remaining birds.

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